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We highly recommend Dr. Chang’s professional dental services

When he cleaned the teeth of my kids, he played small games with them and educated them how to protect the health of their teeth. Dr. Chang also carefully examined my teeth and clearly described pros and cons of different treatment options for my considerations. We also noted the office pay good attention to infection control and sanitize an exam room after each patient.
- Grace Tseng

I highly recommend him to parents with children

I took my 8 years old child to see Dr. Chang for a root canal treatment because our previous pediatric dentist was awful. We had a pleasant experience at Dr. Chang's office. He was very patient with my child. He explained each step what he was going to do to alleviate my son's anxiety. My child had NO TEARS throughout the procedure.
- Claire Pan

It was a pleasant experience to go to Dr. Chang's dental office

In general I am not a fan of any dentist. I am scared at the pain and the discomfort of the dental procedure. However, it was a pleasant experience to go to Dr. Chang's dental office. He carefully injected the anesthetic shot, and then it was pain-free! Well, it would still hurt a little bit after the numbing effects wear off, but it was totally manageable. Highly recommend!
- Cecillia Luu

Highly recommend! My kid surprisingly cooperated well with Dr. Chang due to his patience. Dr. Chang is a great family dentist.

Posted by Hsing-Weng Chen on Monday, January 25, 2021

Dr. Chang is extremely patient and especially good with kids. He took time explaining the procedures and insurance...

Posted by Winnie Wang on Wednesday, January 13, 2021